This page contains info of the cast of character of the version of this comic published between 2017-2018. This version was discarded because my writing at the moment lacked a clear course, but remains here for the sake of completionism.


Name: Gata Wildcat
Age: 29
Date of birth: 1965
Weapon of choice: Colt M1911

Before becoming a bounty hunter Gata worked as a police detective, but her rebellious nature thowards regulations and her tendency to cause damages during her investigations earned her the enemity of the police chief. Soon after leaving the police department she opened the Argos Agency together with Foxy.


Name: Foxy MacMaddred
Age: 28
Date of birth: 1966
Weapon of choice: Twin knives

Foxy doesn’t like to talk much about her or her past. Born in Scotland, she served as a secret agent for the MI6, but why she left that to join Gata in her bounty-hunting agency is a mystery. She’s highly trained in both infiltration and combat techniques, and apparently spent some time in Japan. Despite her appearance, she’s pretty sophisticated.


Name: Da Xiongmao
Da Xiongmao has travelled from China to get revenge on her master’s killer.

Name: Leona Tígrez
An ex Special Forces that Gata wants recruit for the agency.

Name: Virgil Vega / Mr. Bull
A hardened criminal, Virgil has been called by Joe to take part in a heist for a shipment of diamonds.

Name: Mr. Fox
One of the men selected by joe. Has a way with words.

Name: Mr. Mouse
One of the men selected by joe. He’s mexican.

Name: Mr. Owl
One of the men selected by joe. He’s an easygoing guy.

Name: Mr. Boar
One of the men selected by joe. He doesn’t talk much.

Name: Joe
A powerful and ruthless capo. He has planned the diamond heist and selected the men for the job. The names were also his idea.

Name: “Slim” Bill
Joe’s nephew and right hand man. He’s also a close friend of Virgil.

Name: Guadalupe
A humble waitress. She’s the last conquest for Foxy, but Guadalupe might be starting to fall for her.

Name: Crystal
A young exotic dancer, she and Virgil have a relationship of some sort.