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  1. It’s a total coincidence that we’re ending the year with a kiss scene, but it couldn’t be more fitting. Foxy shows some of her finest seduction game to finally dispel any doubt Guadalupe could possibly still have, Bond Connery would be proud methinks. Now, shall we fade to black and let them enjoy the rest of this romantic night while we go attend our business elsewhere? Next week, the conclussion of chapter 3!
    This is it for 2017, I hope you’ll keep reading Loose Cannons next year too! Happy 2018!

    • Sorry for not answering yesterday, new year celebrations and all that jazz.
      Guadalupe is newly arrived mexican, her village is unimportant for now. The city has not been named yet (I call it Action City in the meantime), but it has everything your stereotypical american action film city needs: delerict buidings for dramatic explosions, tramways, steep slopes for car chases, an airport, a harvor an even a nearby military base. Although it’s not set in stone yet, there is a 99% chance it’s not set in America, despite the references, which are there only for the shake of the genre.

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